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Rigid metal tape is a top choice for joining and sealing air ducts

This is because it’s strong enough to do the job properly. It isn’t porous too. You can expect it to stay in place for a long time. Remember that it is never a good idea to use screws for connecting dryer ducts as they can trap lint. Similarly, scotch tape is a poor sealing material because it lacks thickness and durability.

Choose an HVAC air filter based on its efficiency rating and thickness

A thicker filter will have a higher efficiency rating (MERV rating), all other things being equal. This means that while you will enjoy better indoor air quality, the HVAC system will work harder to push the circulated air through the filter. That is why you should try to strike the optimal balance between the two factors.

Ensure complete condenser unit cleaning

The first step of the process includes removal of any debris from the inner section of the unit. Extra care is required so that the wiring stays in place. Since the coil fins collect a good amount of sticky dirt, they need washing with a specially formulated cleaner. It is worth noting that this type of product produces irritating fumes and therefore should be used only outdoors. Rinsing is essential for achieving good results.

Keep a strict schedule for air filter replacement

When installing the filter, check how often it should be changed according to the manufacturer and put this in your HVAC maintenance calendar. The most basic filters should be replaced every 3 months. If you buy a more efficient one, you will need to change it less often, meaning you get a double benefit.


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