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How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Once we thoroughly clean your air ducts, you shouldn’t need the service again for approximately 3 to 7 years, depending on a number of circumstances. For more details and answers to many other common questions, visit our FAQ section below.

What’s the best way to improve indoor air quality for allergy sufferers?

You should clean all floors and surfaces weekly. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner is a must, especially in case you have a carpet in your house. Use an HVAC air filter with a high MERV rating and replace it as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Regular air duct cleaning is also essential.

When is the best time for air duct cleaning?

The spring is the most popular season to get this done, and for a good reason. In springtime, new flowers bloom and emerge, and the air becomes heavy with pollens. Aside from exacerbating allergies, they can, in some rare cases lead to respiratory problems in people without preexisting issues. That's why getting your air ducts cleaned more frequently during the spring is important.

What are the most common air duct contaminants?

Dust is the most recurring contaminant that builds up inside air ducts and HVAC systems. Dust is comprised mainly of dead skin cells, pet dandruff, and various other minuscule particles, so there really isn't a way to prevent it from ever gathering. If you're keeping animals in your home, they will certainly contribute to that problem. Getting your air ducts professionally cleaned is the best way to ensure your indoor air quality is fresh and clean.

Is air duct cleaning the best solution when there is mold?

The first step towards dealing with the problem is to run inspection and identify the type of mold and the level of contamination of the air ducts. This is essential for effective cleaning. Once the mold has been removed, the focus should be on preventing the problem from recurring. If there are air duct leaks, they should be sealed. Insulation may also be necessary.


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